New Ideas in Business

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The problem of finding a new idea is to find where it is coming to them. When you are about 5 years old, 90% of you have lots of ideas, playing with fantasy games, and dream of doing the things that you do not know if it is not possible. At the age of 10 years, declined 2%. Not surprisingly, many of us who believe that we are not creative, we become accustomed to think logically so that the creativity of "what if?" have the opportunity given.

Let the New Ideas Flowing

* By consciously do things differently - taking a different route to the office, buy a different newspaper or magazine, read a different book, try foods that you have not tried before.

* Keep Learning - who thinks she knows everything will soon be left behind by the new ideas and technology, unless they are ready to open ourselves to keep learning. Spend some time browsing the internet, subscribe to publications that keep you up to date.

* Ask your customers - new products or services what they want?

* Discussing with people who have nothing to do with your business - they have a very different perspective.

* Creating the right environment - decorating color, type of music, furniture, pictures that inspire. Whatever you need to get the mood to think.

* Create a space - to spend 15 minutes a day for "fantasy" can give surprising results. What is your time worth spending 15 minutes every day for your business more successful? Write down in your diary!

How much would you make if you develop new ideas that will be 50% of your customers buy it?

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