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In the world of work, the authority to judge you are in the hands of a boss. To get a good value, then the first step that must be done is to know beforehand what points the boss of your self assessment. And also, how much value should you get to bring your career to a strategic position.

Here are 5 assessment of your boss, who can become the handle for your career journey smooth.

1. Ability and willingness to learn

You will be judged whether you are considered a person who has the ability and willingness to learn and absorb new things. Including, if you are quick to follow any changes that occur and are open to something new.

2. Commitment to job

The assessment of the commitment to work is your loyalty to the job and company, as well as encouragement to succeed. Included in this commitment is the responsibility of the task that you waistband. People who are quite satisfied with what is, by people who have a strong desire to go forward, would be assessed differently.

3. Proactive attitude

Proaktivitas is needed in the work. You will get more value, if you are always proactive and independent. Do not be waiting for, a new move when superiors ordered. Berinisiatiflah! You have to be responsive in detecting a problem, then quickly provide a solution.

4. Interpersonal skills

Assessed, how far you can put yourself in the work environment, and how you communicate with others. How to approach your boss, subordinates, colleagues and others also became the assessment.

5. Appearance

Actually, the appearance depends also on your work area. You do not need to appear excessive, it is important you look neat and located in the corridor code of ethics that fit. Generally, employers would rather see people who look tidy.

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