Attitude does your boss dont like

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Bosses feel less like you as an employee? Or the boss always finds the impression you are an employee who is less reliable? Banish the views of the boss by ensuring the following attitudes do not exist in yourself:

1. Reject the given task

The supervisor asks you to do a task beyond the daily responsibilities. The task requires time and effort, but you are not interested to do the work, so you reject the task. Be careful, if the reason you are not correct, the refusal could be a boomerang for you. It is not wise to build a reputation in the eyes of the boss as someone who is unreliable. As long as you still can accommodate the orders of the boss, and have time to do chores, go for it. Answer "no" from you convince the boss to stop offering the opportunity to grow and expand its responsibilities to you, including the tasks that interest you.

2. Too "spoiled"

Employees who always ask for the attention of superiors continuously, will make the boss feel annoyed. Constant attention that you request from the boss will continue to disrupt their work. Moreover, if up to harass the task importance, can-can he be looking for your replacement. He needs an assistant, not he who should mengasisteni you.

3. Less communicative
In our work, communication is an important element. Make sure you and the boss was in "waves" are the same. You should be able to understand how the boss communicates. Does he prefer to get a detailed report, or a compact. Does he prefer to phone for an explanation, or would prefer a written explanation?

4. Too many questions
Always listen to your boss carefully. If necessary, always bring your notebook every time he spoke. He will not be happy if it should continue to repeat the command. Try to think one step ahead when he filed the order, so you do not need to bother him when things are missing. If indeed you have to ask about the task, be sure to approach the boss with a specific question, direct, concise, and straightforward at the right time.

5. Thorough
You should be able to criticize yourself for your work is not only experiencing a correction from the boss. Make sure there are no typing errors when writing the report. Or, when you trust set up a meeting, make sure all equipment in good condition and there are no technical errors during use. Be sure to prepare papers and presentations are available consumption. Make sure your condition is calm and able to resolve the situation.

6. Refusing to admit your mistakes
Creating the absurd excuse to dodge responsibility for the mistake you made was not the act of a professional. Plus, the lies will be revealed also in the end. If indeed you make a mistake, whether intentionally or not, admit it. Then prepare a plan to correct the problem, calculated to make the incident as a lesson, so as not to be repeated in the future.

7. Unwary

When you feel unable to complete the difficult task that he gave in accordance with the requested deadline, saying far-away days. Do not let him find a job is not finished, when they should be able to seek additional help if he knows that you are experiencing difficulties when trying to do the work. He would appreciate that you've tried, however, explain the reason that you are not able to finish it.

8. People who can be trusted

The bosses look for a subordinate who has a positive nature. The attitude and enthusiastic nature can spread. Especially in the current precarious situation facing the company, required employees to remain calm. Do not until you are found to be the one who spread gossip in the office.

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